Tongued Red | Lamidas rojas

18 min. Scripted live performance (performed by Marta Soriano). Commissioned for Radiophrenia Live-to-Air 2019

Tongued Red features a mouth, two fingers and a couple of flesh devouring tongues. Interweaving English and Spanish, this erotic monologue explores the speaking subject’s complicity within a linguistic colonisation charted on a sexual, psychological and corporeal terrain.

Spots dissecting the performer’s body, choreographed blackouts and hued floods, alongside shifting oral pitches, drinking water while speaking and the actor pushing her fingers into her mouth serve to emphasise the violence inflicted on the body by systems of language production and how, paradoxically, such sensory experiences lay beyond the realms of language.

Video documentation: 18 min performance | 4 min excerpt

Documentation by Vilte Vaitkute.

Commisioned by Radiophrenia and produced with the support of Creative Scotland’s Open Project Fund.