soft . lipid . love

Chalton Gallery (London) March 2018

Installation: neon-pink floor and wall paint, neon-pink matt vinyl, striplights with neutral density filters and 6 audio-sculptures each with one recorded piece of prose.

soft . lipid . love plays on the voice’s and blood’s ability to move between bodies, subjectivity, intersubjectivity, material and message. The installation incorporates an enclosed pink room and a series of silicon organs with internal audio ­devices playing recorded pieces of prose, which the audience can connect to. The voice recordings utilise onomatopoeic tropes and theatrical procedures to inflect sharply punctuated texts, allowing words and sentences to repeat and mutate within recursive sequences of digitalised breaths, shifting pitches and sexual aural tones.

List of recorded voice pieces (voice-over Rachel Still):

Delicously light 11:57 looped
Aural Organs 13:41 looped
soft . light . love 21:57min looped
Uterine sap 5:07min looped
Melasma 9:49min looped
Slippery word muck 6:19min looped

Listen to excerpts: