Madre Perla

Glazed high temperature ceramic, industrial velcro, cordless speaker, SD card and voice recording of a poetic text.
shell: 23.3 x 8.6 x 10cm | base: 1.5m alto, 50cm diameter | audio: 7’26”

Two conch shells whisper a poem (in Spanish). They tell a story about a woman who falls asleep as she bathes surrounded by shells and scented candles. With a soft murmur, reminiscent of ASMR-voice recordings, the spirit of the sea and the river seduces the listener, embarking on a hallucinatory journey through different watery landscapes. The bodies of water described by the voice represent dark, damp feminine spaces –– doors to the land of the dead and the unconscious—, while the voice itself comes to take the place of the water and fluids mentioned in the recording. An English translation of the piece was published on MAP Magazine (2022).

Listen to piece (in Spanish) Ambarakaraka here: