Madre Perla II

26 high temperature ceramic conch-shells, digital voice recording of a poetic text, 2 wireless bluetooth speakers, audio player, 120kg of white sand, red vinyl. Dimensions: 270 cm diameter x 40cm high, audio 7:26 min

A series of conch shells whisper a story (in Spanish). The voice tells a story about a woman who bathes surrounded by seashells and scented candles and then falls asleep, embarking on a hallucinatory journey through watery and desert landscapes —mythic and real. Speaking in a soft murmur that’s reminiscent of ASMR-voice recordings, the spirit of the sea and the river seduces the listener, describing bodies of water, pillaged riverine environments and dark damp, feminine spaces as it makes its way to the land of the dead. Here, the recorded voice replaces both the fluids mentioned in the poem and the sea water missing in the installation.

Presented at Modern Love V in Mexico City, Mexico (May-July 2023).