Recorded audio narrative on insomniac dreams, dendrites and compulsive self-narrativization.
Voice-over: Victoria Chen Wei | 20 mins (looped) | Excerpt:

Installation presented as part of the Glasgow Sculpture Graduate Fellowship presentation at The Pipe Factory (Glasgow) 2017. Aired as part of Radiophrenia 2017, Radio Space Borealis (Bergen 2018) and Wave Farm (London 2019)

Installation composed of the recorded narrative, polished steel boxes, audio extension cables, headphones, audio players, spotlights, fabric and polystyrene beans. Dimmensions variable

The story moves through nine hallucinatory episodes within which the narrator slips in and out of consciousness, loosing the ability to distinguish inside from outside, body from space, and itself from the ‘you’ it is addressing. The piece is inspired by research conducted with my brother (Harvard Medical Neurobiology) regarding his use of GECI viruses to map neural networks, Borrough’s ‘Cut-Up Trilogy’, working within a hermetic studio/laboratory and the possibility of slipping into the voices in my head.