Audio narrative inspired by REM dream cycles composed of nine hallucinatory episodes. In the story the narrator slips in and out of consciousness, loosing the ability to distinguish inside from outside, language from vocal sounds, its body from space, and itself from the ‘you’ it is addressing. eeeeeeeeeeee is informed by visits to Boston Univeristy’s Neurobiology lab where research into rodent neural network mapping using GECI virus takes place, Borrough’s ‘Cut-Up Trilogy’ and the possibility of slipping into the voices in my head.

Listen here: | Voice-over by Victoria Chen Wei

eeeeeeeeeeee is part of Typeface Tales, a series of narrative artworks exploring the personification of subjectivity and social relations through different technologies of language production. Aired as part of Radiophrenia (Glasgow 2017), Radio Space Borealis (Bergen 2018), Wave Farm (London 2019) and Market Gallery Radio Series (Glasgow 2020)

CLICK to view installation version presented as part of the Glasgow Sculpture Studios Graduate Fellowship Exhibition 2017.