e to R – typeface tales

e to R is a series of narrative works exploring the personification of subjectivity and social relations through different technologies of language production. The collection plays on the double meaning of the word ‘character’ as both a person in a story and, typographically, a single element such as a letter, numeral, or mark of punctuation. Each tale is produced in collaboration with different creative practitioners, ranging from voice actors to a multimedia designer, and a number of institutions, including a drug-development laboratory, independent publishers, and arts radio broadcasting organizations.

eeeeeeeeee | Glasgow Sculpture Studios 2017, Radio Space Borealis 2018, Resonance FM 2019, Market Gallery Radio Series 2020
Cannibal O | PSS Press 2019
Ñ | MAP Magazine 2019
Ñ₆₁₃ | Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research, Dundee 2020
R-22 | Wysing Arts Centre 2020, Radio Space Borealis 2021, Wave Farm 2021