27/09/2019 cheLA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) | Collaboration with Guillaume Brisson-Darveau.

Lectura de mi texto
Brillante * Magnética * Fugaz seguido por un performance en colobaracion con Guillaume Brisson-Darveau.

A choreographed cleansing ritual takes place in what was once an asbestos factory in Buenos Aires’s Technology District. I play the narrator, wearing an antistatic alveolar film overall which shields my naked body from the external toxic elements. As the story progresses I begin to wax, extracting follicles and carbon and silicone molecules from my body. Seven costumed performers embody these toxic minerals, chemicals and compounds. The performers walk round the audience to form a circuit, giving way a toxic chain reaction. The performance is scored to a digitally processed voice repeating “ella es brillante, magnética, ¡fugaz!” overlaid onto futuristic soundtrack.

You can find print and image version of the text here: Brillante * Magnética * Fugaz

Overol Glory was produced with the support of Creative Scotland and the Conseil de Arts et des Lettres de Québec.