Overol Glory

27/09/2019 cheLA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) | Produced in collaboration with Guillaume Brisson-Darveau.

Lectura de mi texto
Brillante * Magnética * Fugaz seguido por un performance en colobaracion con Guillaume Brisson-Darveau.

A choreographed ritual cleansing with seven costumed performers takes place in what was once an asbestos factory in Buenos Aires’s Technology District. I play the narrator naked and fully waxed; an antistatic alveolar film overall shields my body from the external toxic elements. I read my text Brillante * Magnética * Fugaz. At the end of reading a choreographed ritual commences: seven costumed performers form a circuit round the audience. The performance is scored to a recursive recording of my synthesised voice presented on audio speakers. As the narrative progresses language breaks down into component parts. The piece takes a sci-fi spin on the cleansing of female bodies and voices online and the Spanish language’s gendering of nouns.

Overol Glory was produced with the support of Creative Scotland and the Conseil de Arts et des Lettres de Québec.

Costumes and sculptures by Brisson-Darveau. Sound design by Barroso-Luque and Brisson-Darveau. Text by Barroso-Luque.