Blue Poesis: Ubuntu/GSS workshops

graciously A two day expanded mapping workshop using cyanotype printmaking and embodied movement organized in association with Ubuntu Women Shelter. A poetic approaches towards thinking about the space we occupy and move through and embodying a collective act of claiming space and visibility.

On Septeber 2021 we came together as a group of migrant womxn at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios. Together we explore North Glasgow’s landscapes, how our bodies move through it (individually and collectively) and how this foreighn urban georgraphy moves through our bodies.

We went on a group walk along the Glasgow Canal up to the Claypits Nature Reserve, making plant cuttings and collecting small objects which caught our eyes along the way. Upon our return, we learnt how to make cyanotype prints at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios’s exterior courtyard; first making small A4 prints using the cuttings we collected on the walk, then larger images featuring our hands and gestures and, lastly, 6m prints using our bodies collectively. A different sensitizing movement exercises opened to each day’s activities, moving from mapping the our bodies interior/exterior and to the groups dynamics inside when working together. The workshops ended with us sharing food and dancing round our prints.

Workshops co-devised with Daniella Valz Gen and with support from Kirsty Hendry.

Supported by Creative Scotland.