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Catalina Barroso-Luque is a Mexican artist and curator based in Glasgow. Catalina constructs narratives inhabited by surrogate female bodies, voices and texts, which foil how she relates to others and herself. Her practice spans across writing, installation, and performance; utilising language and sexuality as instruments of power. Projects evolve out of extended research, artistic and curatorial processes where writing, making, and performative interactions with practitioners in other fields infect and inflect each other. Intimate collaborations and encounters, allow works to be sincere and present, while retaining a potent indignation that illustrates the violence these dynamics produce.

Recent projects: Overol Glory performance collaboration with Guillaume Brisson-Darveau (September 2019, cheLA, Buenos Aires); Tongued Red scripted performance commissioned for Radiophrenia Live-to-Air 2019 (May, Glasgow); Ñ a typeface narrative (2019, MAP Glasgow); Cannibal O publication (PSS, London) and curated evening (2019, Intermedia CCA, Glasgow); soft . lipid. love solo exhibition (2018 Chalton Gallery, London).

Forthcoming activities: Penetrate: translate a curated reading group and online seires on female bodies caught in translation, programmed in association with MAP Magazine (Oct-Dec 2019, Glasgow); Ñ613 a typographic animated narrative on institutional parasites and immigration (November 2019, Wellcome Centre for Anti-infective Diseases, Dundee); Deslices interweaving cultural misunderstandings and shifting power dynamics in female relations with Daniella ValzGen (April 2020, Glasgow International).


cbarrosoluque @ gmail.com